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Susannah Kirk escapes an arranged betrothal by posing as a lady's companion at her bridegroom's estate--surely the last place anyone would find her. But when Trevor Dalton unexpectedly arrives, she wonders if he's the mysterious stranger she's trying to flee--and if she still wants to hide from him.
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Karen Lingefelt
Georgiana Hayward's family attempts to remedy her scandalous behavior by marrying her to England's oldest bachelor. His outraged nephew, Anthony Baxter, who opposes this harebrained match, is the man she secretly desires. But if she hopes to win Anthony instead, then she must remain betrothed to his uncle, and start behaving properly.
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Katherine Baxter trades places with a young woman wagered to a Scottish duke. Nathan Fraser, Duke of Loring, would rather forgive the debt until he learns she'll be in great peril otherwise. Forced to travel incognito as husband and wife, Nathan and Kate both get more than either gambled for while losing their hearts.
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Widow Elizabeth Townsend asks Malcolm Hayward, Earl of Whitbourne, to pretend to court her stepdaughter to make a reluctant beau jealous. But Malcolm plays his part so well that Elizabeth worries and wonders if she's the one who's really jealous--unaware that Malcolm is using her madcap scheme to seduce the delightfully wicked stepmother herself.
Julia Bassett doesn't want to work for the dashing earl who once broke her heart. Instead of sending her back to the scheming family who planted her there, Colin Everett, Earl of Danforth, enjoys seeing how far she'll go to get dismissed--even to seducing him. But will it be enough to claim his elusive heart?
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To win the heart of Serena Langley, Christopher "Kit" Woodard, Duke of Fairborough, must masquerade as a coachman.
Sophie Patton needs a temporary fiance so her spoiled younger sisters can visit London to find husbands before they're as old as she is.

Enter Troy Griffin, Duke of Ainsley, a notorious rake wrongly accused of abandoning his former fiancee and killing another man in a duel. Sophie boldly proposes a false betrothal to Troy, arguing it will redeem his tarnished image once she jilts him for her real beau who's traveling abroad. Impressed by her honesty and audacity, he agrees.

They take London by storm and fight a growing attraction. When she learns her beau married someone else, Sophie fears Troy will think she tried to trap him into making her a duchess, and since he allegedly jilted a woman before, he's sure to do it again. Unable to face another betrayal, she resolves to end their betrothal as they previously arranged. But the duke's foolish heart has been broken before--and His Grace will not be fooled again.
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Gabriel Burton returns from the Napoleonic Wars to England where his reclusive uncle, the Earl of Ellsworth, enlists him to fight a new battle. A young woman in London is pretending to be the earl's wife, and he orders Gabriel, his heir, to expose her. Gabriel plans to seduce her into dropping the charade by playing along with it, even assuming the earl's title for appearances' sake--and to her dismay.

Samantha Jordan has been blackmailed into posing as the nonexistent countess to help some scheming relatives enter high society. To make matters worse, the earl's dashing nephew shows up, and instead of denouncing her, insists on acting as the earl himself. As their attraction grows, Samantha longs to tell Gabriel the truth so they can be free to follow their hearts--but a secret more scandalous than her masquerade could destroy those hopes unless he persuades her to trust him and believe that this time, she's found true love.
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James Patton, Earl of Thorndale, prefers to find a wife by chance to his mother's matchmaking. When Emily Rawlinson prevents her niece's elopement only to be mistaken for the would-be bride, she escapes by leaping out of the carriage and into James's arms, in front of London's most notorious scandalmonger. Accident or design? Neither James nor Emily knows, but they agree to a temporary betrothal until gossip subsides, after which they'll quietly part ways.

Yet their families keep hindering their secretly planned breakup. His mother insists on announcing their betrothal at a ball. Emily's brother, who blames her for every family misfortune, forbids his daughter to wed until Emily does. Then James's grandmother arrives from Ireland expecting a wedding. As obstacles allow love to bloom, passion to ignite, and secrets to unfold, James and Emily must learn that while it's impossible to leave everything to chance, some things are still beyond their control--but either way, they're meant to be together!
Stranded at a wayside inn, Amanda Shaw must work as a serving girl to pay her bill--and that includes warming the bed of Blake Mallory, Duke of Halstead, when he spends a snowy night. Though Amanda desires the handsome duke who takes her with him the next day, she flees upon hearing she's to be his mistress. Blake, meanwhile, can't forget the fiery serving girl with her refined airs and speech, especially after learning she's a viscount's granddaughter.

When their paths cross again months later in London, Blake tells Amanda he feels obliged to offer marriage. He's shocked but fascinated that she doesn't leap at the chance to become his duchess, while she's disheartened he didn't feel so obliged when she was a mere serving girl. As Blake continues his pursuit, Amanda risks losing her heart on the hope he's seducing her not because he's a duke who can have or do whatever he wants...but because he's in love.
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Captain Jack Jordan, newly returned to England from the Peninsular War, is only having fun with friends when he poses as a highwayman to waylay a lady's carriage. Now she faces banishment from society amid false allegations the rogue ruined her. The same honor Jack displayed on the battlefield dictates he restore her reputation, even if it means wedding the rebellious vixen--ideally without revealing his role in her downfall.

Felicity Griffin wonders if dashing Captain Jordan is the gentleman thief to whom she surrendered her betrothal ring. How else to explain his sudden interest? But since the outraged earl engaged to her since infancy has jilted her, she hopes to escape another marriage of convenience. Wanting some fun of her own, she sets out to tease and trap Jack into admitting his guilt. As they entangle each other in a battle of wits and deceit, and ultimately seduction, she also traps his heart even as he steals her own.
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